Tuesday, 25 October 2016

"Panzers Normandie 44" series - Pz.Rgt 2 DR

Latest tome from Stephan Cazenave at Maranes Editions, the Pz.Rgt 2  'Das Reich' book - 160 sumptuous pages. This second book in the ‘Panzers Normandie 44 Serie’ tells the hitherto unpublished history of the SS-Panzer-Regiment 2 ‘Das Reich’ in the battle of Normandy. Numerous first hand reports from Fritz Langanke, Ernst Barkmann and more, almost 300 photos and documents, maps and colour profiles make this a definitive work on the subject. The author writes on the jacket back cover that only some 10 photos through summer 1944 of the Pz.Rgt 2 DR were known hitherto.. I read somewhere that just producing the jacket alone costs the publisher 20 euros per book so they are not cheap. To order or for more information email Marie at maranes.editions@gmail.com

Cazenave's previous tome devoted to the Pz. Rgt 12 HJ is here

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